About Us

Nature Boat Tours is a nature tour company started by Fishing Florida Flats.


Captain Jimmy grew up in New York and has been fishing since the 1980’s he has fished all over the country from the East Coast to the Midwest and the West Coast. One of his favorite locations has always been the West Coast of Florida because of the abundance of different kind of species. His love for fishing inspired him to obtain his Master 25 ton Captains license from the United States Coast Guard so he can share his expertise and love of the sport with people from all over the world.  Whether you are a first time fisherman or an expert, whether you want to fish the flats or check out Florida’s precious reef, Captain Jimmy is your guide.  He is friendly and always has safety on his mind and loves to watch people catch fish. His favorite saying is “you never know what you’re going to bring up”. Come join him for memorable day on the water. 

The Boat “Bucket List”

For nature tours and boat rides, you will be riding a 2016 Sweetwater Coastal Edition Pontoon Boat.

This boat has a 70HP and is equiped with many convient features including a portapotty!